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Criminal Justice Attorney in Miami

Being charged with a crime is a devastating event, and a criminal justice attorney in Miami, FL, who practices at the Law Offices of Alejandro A Zamora, Esq. can offer legal assistance for individuals who are facing litigation. If you're up against a criminal trial and potentially harsh punishments such as incarceration and heavy fines, we'll support you with legal counsel in the effort to see you find your way through the proceedings.

When we develop your defense, we'll look into the details as we research your documents and any evidence. We'll offer you our services, which include:

  • Negotiating with the courts on your behalf
  • Gathering witnesses
  • Providing you with strategic options

When you need a criminal justice attorney in Miami to defend you in your criminal trial, give us a call today at the Law Offices of Alejandro A Zamora, Esq. We'll support you with legal guidance and assistance as you navigate the court system.